The name of the website “Kde bouráme” means in Czech “where we crash”. This site shows places where the traffic accidents concentrate across the entire Czech road network. The KDE+ method was used for identification of these localities.

An information window opens after a click on a cluster. It displays the lengths of the cluster and the respective road segment. The number of traffic accidents in the cluster and the total number of TAs on the road segment are also shown. You can also virtually visit the cluster locations using the StreetView.
Users can insert comments about the clusters, filter data on the strength of the cluster and the number of traffic accidents in the cluster and finally export selected data.

The numbers of clusters, both currently active and displayed, are shown on the right side panel below.

The standard control buttons: scroll the map, zoom in / zoom out, zoom out to the whole map extent, previous and next view, are located on the left side above.

Functions for sending the link to the actual map extent, sharing the website on social networks and a tool for measuring distances are located on the right side above.

The clusters of traffic accidents, which are shown on the map, have been identified by KDE + method using segments of the road and motorway network of the Czech Republic 2013 (Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic) and the database of traffic accidents for the period 2009 – 2013 (Police of the Czech Republic).

This web-map application was supported by project GIROSAF - Methodology for identification of critical sections of roads in the Czech Republic using GIS analysis of road accidents, No. TA01031581 of program ALFA, of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. (